1. Scope of application

- Subjects of application: Applicable to Fizzy children's candy & toys

2. Conditions for exchange & returns

- The products must be intact, good use.

- Within 30 days from the date of purchasing

- Qualified the manufacturer's warranty policy;

- Products that cannot be exchanged: the return period has expired, it is no longer intact, be distorted or light scratched (except for products which are refused by the above warranty):


1. Complaint objects:

Customers who buy and use Fizzy candy and children's toys at eurotas website.

2. How to submit complaints:

Customers who have complaints about products can make complaints directly via hotline 0968 589 747, or email: info@eurotas.com.vn

3. Principles for resolving complaints:

Eurotas Import-Export Co., Ltd has the right to refuse and not to resolve complaints without evidence.


Step 1. Receive and respond to the complaint 
- Respond within 03 working days after receiving the complaint

Step 2: Verify and handle

- After receiving complaints from customers, the receiving department will actively check and solve within their functions and powers. 
- Complaints that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the receiving department will be transfered to a higher level to be solved (Not more than ½ day from the date of receiving).

Step 3: Departments and individuals are competent to consider and resolve

- Departments and individuals which are authorized by Eurotas shall inspect and verify customers' complaint information to make final conclusions.

Step 4: Feed back to customers:

- When checking and verification is done, the related departments will respond to customers by: phone, meeting, email …… according to the original complaint form. 
- If the customer disagrees with the results: During the next 7 days, the functional department is responsible for re-checking from the beginning and feed back to the customers

Step 5: Finish the complaint

- End the complaints and keep the record.



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